Our Team

We are Amazon experts and Amazon Sellers that create customized solutions to help you grow your revenue.

We’re a team dedicated to help sellers grow on Amazon affordably. We manage more than 70 different Seller Central brands as a team. We built this machine to help us sell on our own accounts, we extend the same software and knowledge to our partners.

Our team has experience selling on Vendor Central and Seller Central on over 150 accounts. We have sold and consulted in the most difficult categories on Amazon and have the expertise to help grow your account.

We are very selective with whom we partner with so we won’t take on your account if we do not believe that we cannot grow your business profitably.

Meet Enzo, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Proventus and 7-Figure Amazon Seller

Enzo is a self-taught Amazon seller who has grown countless of his Amazon accounts to 6 and 7 figures in sales annually from the ground up with limited ad spend.

At age 12, he learned how to sell online. This love for e-commerce has stayed with him for more than a decade. He prides himself on being a self-made Amazon seller who builds everything on an Amazon account with his own hands.

He runs several of his own Amazon Seller accounts and uses his expertise to help our partners grow.

See his full bio here.

Meet Jacob, Chief Executive Officer/President at Proventus

Jacob is an Amazon expert with extensive experience with brands of all sizes.

After finding a love for photography and music, he learned how to use Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and other digital marketing tools. This led to him working at an Amazon Agency where he translated that skillset into a deep love for Amazon Advertising.

See his full bio here.

Meet JC, VP of Operations at Proventus

JC is a world-class Amazon expert through his 7+ years of consulting Amazon Sellers. He has worked with brands like Schick, Litter Genie, Playtex, Creative Snacks, and Thursday Plantation.

See his full bio here.