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How to Boost Your Amazon Listing’s Ranking on Google

How to Boost Your Amazon Listing’s Ranking on Google

E-commerce is dominated by Amazon with millions of shoppers and sellers on its platform actively engaging every day. It has become the world’s largest online retailer and customer-friendly shop offering a wide variety of choices from over a dozen different countries. Amazon surely managed to build its online marketplace that is so conducive and sophisticated for business. The convenience it has brought to online shoppers and retailers made a business empire that speaks volumes of great service and new opportunities.

Regardless of whether you are a big brand or a novice e-commerce seller, as long as you have an exemplary product listing that ranks high on Amazon and Google, you will surely thrive in the industry. Product listings are the most essential part of the online market. It is basically an important element that can influence or affect your status when it comes to sales and marketing. Product listings are simply the most important information about your product that you must include when you list on Amazon, but creating a product listing needs a lot of effort and careful composition.

In a sea of online competition, the key to success is to follow these simple steps to boost your Amazon listing’s ranking on Google:

Target the right Keywords

Keywords drive targeted web traffic, that’s why it is very essential to identify the right keywords in order for people to easily search and find your product. As a seller, picking the focus keywords or long-tail keywords is one of the integral steps you must do in order to direct or lead potential customers in finding your products. Your highest searched keywords must always be included in the product listing so it will be optimized. 

Moreover, voice search has become prevalent nowadays. That is why long-tail keywords are also necessary for the product listing. Around 70% of search queries are made using long-tail keywords. This type of phrasing can be linked to our natural-language queries. Therefore, using these long-tail keywords will likely attract more traffic to your product and will separate your brand from other competitors. 

There are some research tools that can help you in creating the right keywords such as the Keyword Tool for Amazon and the Google Keyword Planner. 

Optimize your Product Title

The product title is a very valuable part of your listing. A good title can achieve a high click-through rate as the biggest keywords often come from the product title. In optimizing your product title, it is best to use clear words that automatically describe your product along with its features and benefits so that customers will be enticed to click first on your listing.

Potential customers must easily understand your product through your product title. The ideal product title must not exceed the required characters in length. You must include your brand name, product name, and the most relevant keywords and other secondary keywords for it to be effective. To generate more leads and rank high on Google, the readers must find your title unique or interesting at one glance, attracting them to click and buy your product.

To help you optimize your product titles, you can use Amazon Search Engine Optimization.

Create Detailed Description

The buyers are always looking for a product that meets their requirements and description. As a seller, ensure that you provide the best description for your product. It should be concise but rich in interesting and informative content. Complete details must be included so that readers will be satisfied and will stick to your product.

Include your main keywords in the first 300 characters of your description. It is also best to entail product benefits aside from its features to be clear to the readers what they will get in purchasing your product. Remember that descriptions should be easy to read. For long descriptions or product details, using bullet points will improve the readability of the text. 

Ensure to fill out all applicable fields on the edit product page and avoid leaving many empty spaces. This is proven to influence rank position and filtering in search. 

Use Best-quality Images

Image optimization is also essential for your listing. Investing in images that are photographed professionally with high-quality resolution and eye-catching themes is worth it. Just like the product title and description, product images also best attract potential buyers in clicking your listing. Providing more images with different views or angles of your product also helps in boosting search rankings and conversations.

Images that you will use must be high quality and large enough to zoom in or out so that even small details of your product can be easily examined. The image tag should include your keywords and product names, so they will rank on Google images for relevant searches. 

Boost your creativity in developing other marketing strategies. Enhance the visuals of your listings while adhering to Amazon’s technical requirements. 

Offer Product Bundles

This is a time-honored Amazon technique that creates a package composed of two or more products that are sold together in one listing. Product bundles aren’t just random items being sold, they must always consist of one main product and some secondary products that match or complement each other. 

Offering product bundles is a marketing strategy that is already proven to be effectively convenient. Customers can get everything they need with just one click on the easy-to-find listings. Often, customers are excited about these bundles as they also come at a discounted price. It saves shipping costs and fees.

Other Effective Ways:

  1. Gain relevant product reviews by doing some product giveaways
  2. Add relevant and long-tail keywords to the search term section on the backend of the listing
  3. Create a link on another indexed website
  4. Drive traffic by running ads to your listing on Amazon, Facebook, and Google Adwords.

Follow these simple steps now and success will surely be on your way, or give us a call today so we can help you rank your Amazon listing on Google!

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