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Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Account Management

Gurus say that Amazon is passive income. You learn quickly that it's incredibly time-consuming and difficult.
Get your time back now!

We Partner with Brands to Help Them Excel Online and Grow Affordably

We are selective with our partners and only work with those we believe that we can grow.

You bring the products, we’ll bring the channel and marketing expertise.
For our partners, we become the General Manager of their Seller Central Account with a unified goal of growing sales through our Account Management partnership.
We run the account end-to-end from supply chain to design to advertising.
We also offer al-a-carte partnerships such as PPC management and Operations Management to customize our solution to your needs.

How We Grow Your Amazon Account

We create retail-ready product pages for our partners that bring in organic sales and make paid sales easier to acquire.
We help you be seen (increase Traffic) and turn shoppers into your loyal customers (Conversion)​.

These are the main components to your success on Amazon.

Build-A-Brand A-to-Z Incubation

8% of Amazon Sellers are over a million dollars a year. Join them today.

We Partner With Individuals To Incubate Net New Brands

We start private-label brands from scratch and manage the brands as part of our portfolio. This means that we work directly with manufacturers to custom make high-quality products with large margins through our Build-A-Brand A-to-Z Incubation Partnership.

For our brands, we focus on dominating Amazon first through:

  • Efficient Sourcing
  • Effective Advertising
  • Thoughtful Design


From there, we help the brands scale into other channels through our partner network.

Amazon Sellers Need Someone Who Knows Amazon on Their Team

Amazon Sellers are constantly searching for ways to:

Conserve Time – Running Amazon takes a large amount of time each week. Sellers need time to negotiate deals and grow their business off of Amazon.

Save Money – Typical Amazon Agencies charge incredibly high rates for even the most basic of services. This puts a strain on the business’ cash flow.

Gain Expertise – Without expertise, Amazon can be a difficult place to grow and then become profitable. The lack of knowledge on the channel causes businesses to spend even more time and money into the channel.

Proventus – Proven to Succeed offers:

Full Account Management – We run your Amazon Seller Central account to give you time back each week.

Affordable Pricing – We don’t charge absurd monthly rates. We grow as your sales do.

Extensive Channel Knowledge – We have years of expertise on the channel through growing more than 150 Seller Central accounts.

How We Grow Sales

We look at your products to ensure that you have the margins in order to succeed on Amazon. We’ll help you figure out how to raise Average Order Value, get conversion rate up, and plan out marketing budget allocation.

We will give you recommendations on what product opportunities of brand extensions that you have in the future. This will range from pricing opportunities to bundles to new product launches to consider and more.

If you’re new to Amazon, we will create any ASINs (List your products on Amazon) and create any Parent ASINs (Grouping your products on Amazon) needed.

If you’re on Amazon, we’ll make sure that your parentages (groupings) were set up correctly!

We will optimize your Amazon Product Pages from customer-facing copy to backend SEO to imagery to make sure that your products are retail-ready.

This helps your products to both be seen through organic SEO best practices and turn Amazon shoppers into your loyal customers by increasing conversion rate.

We’ll help you create strong resonating branding to help customers know your brand better. This includes Amazon brand storefronts where customers can view your entire product line.

After our organic SEO efforts are in place, we begin to strategically grow through Amazon’s Marketing Tools (Sponsored Product Campaigns, Sponsored Brand Campaigns, Sponsored Display Campaigns, and more) to gain organic keyword rankings to boost both paid and organic sales.

We also customize a solution for each client including: Coupons, Promotions, Amazon Vine, Amazon Subscribe and Save, and more.

We will work with you to help your marketing team (whether that’s just you or a whole department) on how to run your social media, Public Relations, Off-Amazon Ad Spend, and your DTC .com website.

Our background in e-Commerce will help us make sure that your brand is taken care of on all channels.

Amazon changes every single day. With the Amazon Algorithm constantly adapting and Amazon frequently releasing new features, we will keep your account updated with the latest and greatest from Amazon Seller Central. 

We will provide reports to you about how your business is doing with additional opportunities ahead of us.

We partner with incredible brands to achieve incredible results

What Our Results Say

If you're not ready to partner, but want to work with us on certain projects, check out our al-a-carte program called: