Introducing Jacob P, Partner at Proventus

Jacob Headshot copy

Jacob is an Amazon expert with a diverse background of e-commerce, marketplaces (Amazon), partnerships and more. He started out his career with Uber Corporate doing partnerships and photography for the UberEATS project. He then joined as the first full-time employee at another Amazon agency where he helped implement strategies, best practices, and training of employees as the agency scaled (They are now at 80+ employees and hundreds of clients). He then worked for a 3PL teaching their brands about e-Commerce, a Supplement Company, and a Fragrance Company where he led their Amazon marketing channel. Jacob has a history of growing brands by leading them with data-driven decisions.

Jacob received his bachelor’s degree from Kennesaw State University. He loves photography (which he has done professionally for close to a decade), music, videography, his family, and his two dogs.

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