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Proventus – Proven to Succeed: Internal Software (Official Launch)

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There are many tools out there that help both Amazon Sellers and Service Providers better manage Amazon selling accounts. These tools help us to grow Amazon sales, monitor activity, and more. We’re partnered with multiple incredible software companies that make our lives easier.
We wanted to develop our own tools for our internal use to fill some gaps that we couldn’t find almost our technology stack.

Enter our Proventus Specialist Workstation. Putting our geek hats on, we set out to create a must-have tool for our team members where all vital selling account operations from daily checks to listing optimization to advertising to performance analysis are done more quickly, without losing the human touch of trained experts in the tool. We built our Specialist workstation with our clients in mind, and continue to improve and customize it for their benefit. It’s the only toolkit our Specialists need to better monitor, manage, and perform vital client-specific operational requirements in a swift but very effective manner, enabling them to save their time and bandwidth to laser focus on critical tasks and account growth planning. In the hands of our Specialist, it’s the all-in-one toolkit that gives them the following:

1. Ability to generate an account and listing performance analytic reports according to client-specific information and format requirements.
2. Ability to automatically scan, audit, and generate an analysis of vital information found on all client product pages active in the marketplace that affect the performance of the listing in page optimization, sales, and search.
3. Ability to execute streamlined Page Optimization processes that include automation of the tedious keyword research process and creation of an optimized copy complete with restricted terms check, used keywords check, Asin target keywords indexation check, and generation of final image links and other values for use on amazon feed file templates.
4. Ability to execute automated client-specific bulk Advertising actions to create or adjust new and existing Amazon Ad campaigns.
5. Ability to connect and execute all workstation actions and automation on both the Seller and Vendor Central platforms without having to require clients to perform technical onboarding processes.
6. Ability to integrate and connect to any third-party external tools if needed.
7. To have total freedom in customizing its features and functions to stay compatible with any client requirements, as well as any changes to amazon’s selling account and marketplace operations.
8. Reduce reliance on other external third-party software/tools that have significant and heavy-use touchpoints on daily business operations to avoid the risk of future Technology Debt liability.

“Early on, we somewhat understood the value of having your very own toolkit such as this, but never really realized and felt the importance, extent, and gravity of its impact to your overall operations until now. We’re excited and can’t wait to experience what awesome features and benefits our Specialist Workstation will continue to evolve into in the future.”

Chief Technology Officer, Juan Carlos Marques

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